Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Branding 101 for Kids

Yesterday, Amy looked at my mother's car key chain and said, "that's the same kind of alligator that Mommy's car has."

What did she mean: The Lexus logo looks like an alligator mouth. I never would have thought about it that way yet she is absolutely right!

This morning, Amy mentioned it to me again this morning. "What is that alligator mouth?"

I explained that it was a way for a company to tell people that the car was theirs. "It is a special sign that every car that the company makes has on it. It is called a logo."

Amy got it and I was very impressed with myself for explaining the basic principles of branding! 

All Men Created Equal

Amy is at a natural point in her life where she describes people by the color of their skin. It is innocent and very literal, and quite frankly, it grates on my nerves!

Chad and I talk to her all the time about the reasons that skin color doesn't matter. Amy says that "all skin color is beautiful" or "I want to be Chinese because I love the almond shaped eyes."

Thank goodness or Martin Luther King Jr. Day and the lessons she learned in school - and we reinforced at home. In the car on Saturday, Amy told me the whole story of MLK - and how he wanted all people to be equal and not judged or the color of their skin. He wanted people to ride wherever they wanted to on the bus and go to whatever schools they wanted to go to.

At school on Monday, a little girl told Amy that she and her best friend, Nana could not be sisters because they did not have the same color skin. Amy got very upset - not only because she really believes that Nana is her sister but the skin color factor.

Amy said to her, "You must have forgotten that today is MLK day and that skin color doesn't matter." Amy then cried, a teacher intervened and said, "I have a sister who has dark skin and she is still my sister. Skin color doesn't matter."

I think she is really starting to get it. Fingers crossed, she will move past this descriptive phase.
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Monday, January 19, 2015

Family Warm and Cozy Night

Chad and I were not feeling our best this weekend. The flu and bad colds are rampant in town and aches and pains come right along with it.

On Saturday, I took a 2 hour nap and rested for another 3 hours. I could barely lift my head. I felt so lousy that we cancelled our babysitter and declined a birthday party that we had planned to attend.

Amy took care of us - sweet thing. She positioned us all on the couch with pillows and blankets. She said, "It is family warm and cozy night." We all sat on the couch together (with Amy in the middle) and watched a movie.

Chad tried without success to get a saying going - "we are trying to catch the warms in order to get rid of our colds." He repeated consistently - and Amy and I just did not bite. It was a little lame, I have to admit. Poor Chad.
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A Little Too Sophisticated

Last night, my 15-year-old niece dressed Amy up in her strapless dresses.

On Amy, the dresses needed to be clipped in the back and came down to her ankles. On my niece, they rest above her knee and do not need to be clipped.

I thought Amy looked a bit too sophisticated. Especially after eating a red, white and blue ice pop and looking like she was wearing dark purple lip stain.

At the dinner table, we were talking about boyfriends, girlfriends and getting married. An opportunity to tease the kids. Amy asked the age of one of my nephew's friends ...

When we learned that my nephew's friend would be a high school senior when Amy would be a freshman, we all said, "oooohhhh." And Amy's response delivered in just the right way was, "I've got that coming to me."

Oh boy. I think Chad and I have got it coming to us!
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Delayed Opening

Yesterday morning, we received a call from Bernards Township Emergency Services indicating that our town was in a state of emergency because of the freezing temperatures and ice all over the road.

The Basking Ridge Moms' group on Facebook listed several accidents, vacated cars on the side of the road, and treacherous conditions. Freezing rain fell all day long.

No surprise, at 5-ish this morning, our home phone rang with news of a delayed school opening. Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day so the markets are closed and Chad is home. I made the decision to work from home because 287 is usually full of accidents in this type of weather.

While the rest of the house slept, I came down to the basement to get my work started. Before I knew it, I had company.

Amy made her way downstairs with her laptop computer, sat down next to me and said, "Mommy, I'm doing my work too." And so she sat ... until I texted Chad and urged him to retrieve Amy before I started a conference call.

Here is a photo of my little friend and colleague working along side of me.
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Sunday, January 18, 2015

International Day Doll

Amy's school has an annual tradition called "International Day." It a big celebration of the multi-culturalism represented at the school.

This is our first experience with International Day and we aren't yet sure what to expect. Amy did come home with an assignment to make up a paper doll that represents the country of her ancestors.

Chad and I both largely come from Russian stock. At first, I tried to get a play date together with a Russian family that we are friendly with so that the girls could do the project  together. When they were not available, I resorted to plan B.

Look up "traditional Russian costumes" online. And so it goes.

For the most part, Amy did the project herself after we laid out and strategized the plan. Unfortunately, our little doll does look like she went for a spray tan before we turned her in.

Amy Made the Paper!

Trilogy Repetory Company is a wonderful little theater company in our area of New Jersey that puts on both adult and children's theater. Shows are usually free and are held in libraries around Somerset County.

Last year, the put on a production of the "Wizard of Oz" and pasted a big yellow box on the floor for all of the children to sit within. The used the yellow tape as their yellow brick road and engaged the kids throughout the show. Afterward, the kids were able to take pictures with the actors.

Same thing this year (last weekend) with "Sleeping Beauty." Amy was so excited to be an audience participant. She always want to engage but is usually not selected because of her age - they tend to go with the bigger kids.

After the show, a reporter from the "Bernardsville News" approached us and asked if she could take some pictures of Amy with the actors. Amy went from actor to actor and posed. In some cases, other kids jumped in. In other cases, she was by herself.

The photo they selected to run in the paper had Amy with 3 actors and another little girl. Unfortunately, they printed her name incorrectly - she is not Mia DeRosa of Bernardsville. Unless this is an Adele Hazeem / Idina Menzel alter ego thing. Hmm.

Monday, December 1, 2014

It Is Official - Ears are Pierced

Amy has been asking almost non-stop since she turned 5 if she could get her ears pierced. We told her that she could have it done when she was 5 so it's not unusual!

Amy knew that we would have it done at the doctor so when we went for her flu shot, she asked if she could have it done at the same time. The doctor wasn't in.

It snowed last Wednesday (day before Thanksgiving). Nonetheless, we were determined and we trekked to the doctor's office in Bridgewater.

Amy is like me - fearless until she is right in front of the task and then panics. Same thing with the ear piercing. She was excited until we got into the actual examination room.

Amy picked out her earrings - pink flowers. The doctor told her that her ears would feel hot and would hurt a little bit until she got home.

Amy did cry when the doctor shot the earrings into her ears. More from the shock than from the pain. Right afterward when Amy was admiring herself in the mirror, the doctor said, "Remember what I told you about when the pain would go away?"

"When I get home," said Amy. The doctor then gave her the sign to get going. Amy ran to the car, which was a great distraction, and by the time she got there, the pain was gone.

"Mommy, are the earrings still in my ears?" She kept checking. For some reason, she separated the idea of getting her ears pierced from the earrings herself. So when I told a friend that she was getting her ears pierced, Amy said, "And getting earrings too!"

Amy has been showing off her earrings all weekend, and I am certain that she will do so all day at school today. I did send a note to her teacher, who was actively engaged in the process - and the response (see below). All very exciting!

Oh thank you for letting me know! We had a discussion about it and about how it feels and being brave- especially after round 1 going into round 2! Tell her I am sooo proud of her and thanks for sharing with me- love the picture! I am sure she is "thankful" for the new look! Can't wait to see her Monday- enjoy the festivities tomorrow and time together!
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Loose Lips Richman

My child has loose lips and thank goodness, my friend, B caught it before Amy sunk a ship! I also sent Amy's teacher a note to give her a heads-up!

About 2 years ago, Amy figured out that Santa Claus was a “man in a costume” and not a real person. She acknowledged this in the car when we were driving home from school. If she believed this and if she did, that she could not tell any of her friends because "they do not all believe that Santa Claus is 'just a man in a costume.'"

For two years, Amy has kept this quiet. She has been so good at keeping it to herself! Except yesterday, we went to a Christmas show. After the show, Amy asked the excellent question, "How do presents get under the tree if Santa doesn't put them there?"

I gave her the same warning I did two years ago - "I can tell you, but you cannot tell any of your friends. Remember, your friends believe that Santa puts presents under the tree."

Amy agreed and promised not to tell anyone. "It is the parents who put the presents underneath the tree."

"Whhhaaattt? Really? They do?"

After she got over the shock, Amy started to negotiate who she could tell. There was no room for negotiation and she said that she understood.

This morning, Amy was next door before school. My friend, B overheard Amy saying to her older son, "My mommy doesn’t want me to say anything but I want to tell you …” She nipped it quickly, stopped her and said, "If your mommy doesn't want you to tell anyone, you shouldn't tell anyone." Amy stopped herself.

Clearly, I need to talk to her again tonight about keeping this information to herself! I just hope she doesn't do any more damage before I can get to her.
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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sign For My Office

I asked Amy to write my name and create a sign for my office. One of my office locations (I have 2), does not have a name plate and I wanted a home grown, more artistic version.

Amy took nearly an hour to create this beautiful sign. It is clear that it was created with much love. And in turn, I love it and love that we are smiling. We are always happy! Awesome.

I will hang this sign with lots of pride!
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Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Amy saw that my keychain broke and that I needed a new one.

What did she do, my thoughtful little child? She made me one.

A lanyard with an extra loop so that it could be hooked onto my key ring. My little sweetie!
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